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Consumerium is a not-for-profit effort that seeks to gather and distribute information about companies, products and the underlying production processes to consumers, focusing on their environmental and societal impacts and to develop an universal feedback system.

The vision of the feedback system is that the consumers can with only a few taps or clicks send feedback to companies anywhere in the world about why their product or service was chosen or why their product was left on the shelf. This creates a feedback loop where the consumers influence the owners of the companies, who on their part direct the company executives. This enables consumers to maximize their moral purchasing potential.

By executing this mission the Consumerium effort aims to enable consumers to take up new buying criteria beyond the fundamental factors of price, availability and suitability and the superficial factors like advertisement and product packaging for making their buying decisions and to let the companies know about it.

We facilitate making future development sustainable by giving the consumers qualitative and quantitative insight into production processes. In practice this amplifies the moral purchasing potential of consumers to make moral purchasing decisions. This, in conjunction with facilitating sending feedback to companies, helps consumers to detect and act on cycles seen all over the world; to slow and stop negative cycles, those deteriorating quality of life and endangering nature and to accelerate positive ones.

We do these things to enhance consumer informedness, to improve the consumer experience and their activism possibilities and to help consumers consort into communities of like-minded consumers and thus hopefully raise crowds to help keep this planet as hospitable as possible.

By making things more transparent to the consumer s/he can see further and exert more moral purchasing power with the same $€£ as before. It is up to the consumers to decide what to do with this enhanced view into economic processes and increased power to affect companies. Of course we do wish that as many consumers as possible would join in on the game by allying with people who choose as their goal to play for a good result simultaneously for the planet, the consumers, as well as for workers world-wide and even for the owners and bosses.

The initial target group is to reach consumers who value fair trade, political consumerism (consumism), copyleft, moral purchasing, consumer activism and shareholder activism.

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