and two other domains renewed till the 2030’s and a little explainer why

I renewed till Tuesday 2030-04-23 at in memory of uncle Perttu who died and I was very much reminded how mortal we all are in the physical aspect of our existence.

Also renewed and to the 2030’s and here’s a few words why:

World peace cannot be reached without solving the Israel-Palestine conflict so that people on both sides can live in peace and dignity. Boring PalestineTunnel alone will not help if there is no genuine intent on both sides to constructively negotiate land swaps to make a peaceful and prosperous 2-state solution viable.

If you want to know why I founded you can find the answer on my user page at #SSFWIKI

Short answer: the synthetic filth wrecked my life and other lives starting from 2005 and ruined the good development action in the development wiki befor the Canadian troll known affectionately as 142.177.X.X was no longer around to spar me and I him/her/it/them.

If you know or are 142.177.X.X, please tell him/her/it/them to come back.

These three open public non-profit services I feel are meaningful even if I wasn’t around.

I have hope that maybe some day someone technologically proficient steps up and architects and helps us implement some basic set of features, bores the PalestineTunnel and implements some effective legal and technological countermeasures to the synthetic disinformation filth menace i.e. mostly naked digital look-alikes and clothed digital sound-alikes.



21 links to scientific studies were added to Juho’s natural therapeutics on “brain cancers and cannabis”.

Today I added 21 links to scientific studies to Juho’s natural therapeutics § Brain cancers and cannabis on the Consumerium developement wiki.

The origins of the exercise into charting out natures remedies came when my late dad got Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in the Spring of 2017 and I had heard a bunch of  stories about the healing potential of cannabis on a cursory level.

1 perspective article from 2018 existed already titled ‘Cannabis and Brain Tumors

The following I added today

  1. a 2007 clinical trial: ‘Down-regulation of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 in gliomas: a new marker of cannabinoid antitumoral activity?’
  2. 3 reviews
    1. 2008 – ‘Cannabinoids as potential new therapy for the treatment of gliomas’
    2. 2007 – ‘Cannabinoids and gliomas’
    3. 2004 – ‘Hypothesis: cannabinoid therapy for the treatment of gliomas?’
  3. 1 comparative study ‘Opposite changes in cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptor expression in human gliomas’ from 2010
  4. 17 other studies were also added

Credit for original list

Credit for the list goes to is licensed CC-BY 4.0, which I put effort into observing by tagging each entry from there, though not technically legally required to do so as lists per se are non-copyrightable. I have been developing a scheme to keep on track about what links were discovered from where using MediaWiki.

Computer tomography of human brain, from base of the skull to top.
Computer tomography of human brain, from base of the skull to top. Free image from the Wikimedia Commons (file description page)







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